The Freedom Collaborative Program is the first online service platform to facilitate connectivity, knowledge-sharing and cross-border cooperation among anti-trafficking stakeholders. To achieve a significant reduction in slavery and forced labor, those on the frontline—NGOs, investigators, researchers and lawyers—must collaborate to a much greater extent.

Freedom Collaborative provides a tool to share information, urgent news and important updates. It also will give users across the region access to relevant and quality information of people and organizations as potential partners for collaboration.

Key features include an effective search for stakeholders who provide services and programs to match specific needs and requirements, private messaging and a community newsfeed to share information quickly and effectively.

The project aims to make a long lasting difference in the daily work and efforts of anti-trafficking stakeholders and brings together multiple needs.


  • We offer a secure online platform for anti-trafficking stakeholders to increase their collaborative capacity by providing them online tools to find relevant information and for direct communication.

  • We partner with Chab Dai Coalition, who is supporting Freedom Collaborative with their expertise in coalition building and outreach to local organizations.

  • We gather user-feedback and in-depth information for further development of the platform, to ensure our tools are most useful for those on the frontline, support them in their work and support the anti-trafficking communities needs.


How We Work

The platform is built for the anti-human trafficking community. In order to properly embrace networking and establishing relationships between relevant stakeholders within the community, it's essential that they have the right tools to work with. By developing the platform, Liberty Shared is providing the technical infrastructure to strengthen their collaboration and cooperation.



What’s Next?

With a growing user-base we also hope to further develop the platform and integrate the platform with other products of the data and technology program. We are very interested in individuals or organizations that can contribute to the development and of this platform, please contact us at