Program Mission

Through the partnership program, Liberty Shared builds relationships with strategic partners by identifying targeted ways e.g. expertise, skills, in-kind services, and financial support, that companies, networks, and individuals can contribute to our different project streams. To sustain and expand our anti-slavery work across the region, fundraising is a critical part of what we do in order to continue driving forward our various initiatives.

Program Activities

  • Identifying Strategic Corporate Partnerships
    Collaborating with corporates by identifying specific areas and platforms that could be an effective means of incorporating counter trafficking initiatives—e.g. specific departments within corporations, corporate events, etc.

  • Knowledge Building within Stakeholder Groups
    Bringing Liberty Shared’s expertise into key stakeholder sessions and events to deepen their understanding of the issue of human trafficking and to bring forward action to combat this crime.

  • Linking with Community Networks
    Partnering with different community networks to broaden engagement of industry leaders within diverse sectors on this issue and enable them to propose ways that would strengthen and support Liberty Shared’s anti-trafficking work.

  • Creating Engaging Events
    Sharing the latest developments of Liberty Shared’s work at different events to target various audiences and to garner support for our anti-slavery work—recent events include “FREEDOM FORWARD” Anti-Slavery Day Gala Dinner and “BE BOLD” International Women’s Day Event in Hong Kong!

  • Researching and Applying for Grants
    Researching and applying for relevant grants to provide seed funding for new projects or development funding for existing projects.



Liberty Shared’s supporting partners have greatly contributed to all areas of our work. We are open to exploring and sharing with you ways to increase the impact of our anti-slavery work. If you are interested in supporting or would like to know more about any of our projects, we welcome you to reach us at


As we continue into the next phases of our work, we will need more support. We hope you will join us as we press forward in seeking systemic approaches to prevent human trafficking.

If you would like to know about our upcoming events, please visit our UPDATES page where you can find out how to participate.

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