Children attending an informal school in rural Poipet Cambodia with our partner EASEL Cambodia.

Children attending an informal school in rural Poipet Cambodia with our partner EASEL Cambodia.


The data and technology program at Liberty Shared comprise of a variety of tech products that we have built and offer in order to address some of the key tech infrastructure gaps that anti-trafficking faces. The key areas of focus are on the capture, use and sharing of victim and client data, accurate, timely, and cost-effective collection and management of investigative evidence, and tools for conducting open source intelligence research regarding trafficking activities.

We do our best to offer these products to our partners free of charge to enhance their ability to work professionally and effectively, ultimately helping vulnerable populations access infrastructure and systems that are currently out of their reach.

We believe that it is by making vulnerable people’s environment more certain that we can reduce and prevent their exploitation. In doing so, we also hope to propagate the use of sensible technology in the anti-trafficking sector, and widen understanding of technology and data and relevant laws regarding information use in the relevant jurisdictions.  


Program Activities

Victim Case Management System

For the past three years, Liberty Shared has developed and implemented a world class case management system with the support of Salesforce and the US Department of State/JTIP. This system has been designed for, and in conjunction with, frontline anti-trafficking NGOs to assist them store, share and analyse their case records

The VCMS team works directly with frontline NGO staff to assist them in the successful transition to the use of a cloud-based case management system, ensuring it is accessible and meets their daily needs.

The VCMS is available in English, Thai and Khmer currently and allows users to add data in offline settings. NGOs can access their information in real time to gain insights into their work and track their interactions with client’s from start to finish, promoting effective victim care.

Partners on the VCMS also have the opportunity to become part of the wider VCMS community, driven by data and shared technology, to share information, complete referrals and harness information on trends across the region.

If you are interested in learning more about the process and costs to become a VCMS NGO partner please contact


Secure Knowledge System

We offer a free of charge, cloud-based evidence and document management system with our partners Alfresco and Verizon for those working in an investigative capacity in anti-trafficking to manage their information securely.

We conduct trainings remotely and in person on our products and also generally regarding trafficking data, cloud-based systems, data privacy and security as they relate to our program.


Telecommunications Backbone

The telecommunication backbone project takes steps towards a better collaboration through better use of available cheaper telecommunication technology. By using a cloud based IP PBX platform, which will help NGOs to run more reliable lines with broader functionality, normally only available to business enterprises, such as call recording, call forwarding, a web based management panel, IVR auto-attendants, and voicemail to email.  

NGO users will have a greater flexibility in answering calls from the office or even while they are in the field. It will allow current numbers to be retained and the sharing of the workload which is often currently borne by a sole responder.

The platform can be flexible enough to integrate with other online applications such as Salesforce or integrate with web sites for calling.



We do not collect any frontline data ourselves as we are not a frontline or victim assistance organization. Therefore, we work on our projects by partnering with frontline organizations that do work within communities and are interested in using our products. We also work with other organizations that offer technology or expertise like Salesforce and Alfresco to translate those into useable formats for frontline organizations.

Most recently, we have partnered with Arachnys, a due diligence research platform to offer you our Know Your Client tool so you can try our due diligence research to understand how trafficking intersects with your relationships.


Over the next 3 years, we are hoping to bring the case management system and evidence management systems to more NGOs in Asia and globally. We believe it is also our job to make technology accessible, understandable and non-intimidating for everyone in anti-trafficking. While this is a process that takes time and perseverance, we believe in our mission and that this is possible with the dedication of our team members and our partners. If you are interested in joining our team or being a partner, please contact us at