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Free Webinar with Bureau Van Dijk and Liberty Shared

Join us for a free webinar with Bureau Van Dijk on Thurs., Dec. 6 at 3:00 pm ICT/4:00 pm SGT on Modern Slavery and Supply Chains: how company data can help you identify entities linked to forced labour. You can register here.

In the battle against modern slavery, financial institutions, NGOs, corporations and regulators are continually looking for different sets of data and technology that will aid them in their research to prevent human trafficking, forced labour and third party risk.

The first step in being able to identify and disrupt human trafficking is awareness.  Counter human trafficking activities should also be built into a company’s due diligence policies and procedures.

Valerie Farabee, Director of Operational Research & Analysis Programme, Liberty Shared, will join our discussion on how global data and analysis can help uncover interlinked entities and beneficial ownership within the supply chain.

Topics covered will include:

  • The business of modern slavery

  • The role of data and the use of technology in research

  • How financial institutions, corporations and regulators can leverage on global data to help in modern slavery investigations

If you enjoyed this webinar, please continue to come back to this page for more typology presentation webinars and other informative topics regarding human and wildlife trafficking.