Liberty Shared applies information and data to support U.S. Customs and Border Protection trade enforcement to combat forced labour

We are very pleased to announce a new relationship with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Office of Trade), a law enforcement agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (CBP). The CBP works with partner government agencies and the trade community to facilitate legitimate trade that supports economic growth and shield the American public and businesses from unsafe products, intellectual property theft, and unfair trade practices. The CBP is committed to protecting U.S. national economic security by enforcing U.S. trade laws through its trade enforcement efforts.

Most recently on February 4, 2019, CBP issued a withhold release order against seafood products from the vessel Tunago No. 61 based on information obtained by CBP indicating tuna is harvested with the use of forced labour. The order was effective immediately as of the date of issuance and requires detention at all U.S. ports of entry of tuna and any such merchandise manufactured wholly or in part by the Tunago No. 61. Importers of detained shipments are provided an opportunity to export their shipments or demonstrate that the merchandise was not produced with forced labour.

As work with our partners in civil society, banking/finance, the legal industry, information service and technology providers has developed, we have sought ways to support increased accountability of those in business who continue to profit from forced labour. CBP’s Office of Trade has a focus on identifying the import of products into the U.S. produced using forced labour and this is very much aligned to the pursuit by civil society to use its knowledge and data to increase transparency and apply its practice to increasing accountability and liability. We are very pleased to create a relationship with CBP to support their work in identifying products using forced labour.

It is hoped that this relationship will provide opportunities to explore different law enforcement approaches and strategies and to share data, knowledge and research to improve the fight against exploitation such as human trafficking and forced labour.

Best wishes,

Duncan Jepson
Managing Director

FREEDOM VOICES ~ 2018 Anti-Slavery Gala, October 6th

To celebrate the 5th year of our Anti-Slavery Day Charity Gala, Liberty Asia will share the powerful impact of the voices of freedom today – from survivors to society! In the last five years, Liberty Asia has heard the voices of survivors and systematically captured the information from their plight and experiences and fed them back into data-driven, evidence-based approaches. With legal, financial, and human rights expertise underpinning these approaches to identify and address slavery risks, Liberty Asia triggers voices in every sector to better protect and uphold the rights of vulnerable workers, disrupt the gains of exploitation and hold exploiters accountable, and reform systems to create a safer and more productive society. Join us at 2018 FREEDOM VOICES Hong Kong and be a voice for freedom!

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FREEDOM FORWARD ~ Anti-Slavery Gala, October 14th

For the fourth year running, Liberty Asia joins together with partners and supporters in Hong Kong to mark Anti-Slavery Day by hosting our Annual Anti-Slavery Charity Gala, 2017 FREEDOM FORWARD Hong Kong! The only way forward to disrupt and end slavery is through the concerted, collaborative anti-trafficking efforts of individuals, NGOs, financial institutions, governments and private sector driven by a local commitment to global change. Be at the heart of this change by being part of 2017 FREEDOM FORWARD Hong Kong, a moving evening to remember those in slavery today and to drive forward local, regional, and global efforts to bring freedom to all!

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On March 6th, join us on this evening to hear inspirational stories of courage, to see the daily struggle of many to survive, and to BE BOLD together with men and women of Hong Kong to drive change FOR FREEDOM!

To RSVP, email us at by March 3, 2017.

100% of ticket proceeds go towards supporting Liberty Asia's anti-slavery projects.


To mark Anti-Slavery Day this year, Liberty Asia invites you to FREEDOM TRANSFORMS Hong Kong, an empowering journey where freedom unites us, inspires us, and is now transforming us to go beyond just knowing about the atrocities of slavery to driving the change to put an end to slavery.

In many ways, in the world of anti-trafficking, we are in the dawn of a hopeful new era of transformation where NGOs are no longer the only advocates for change, but everyday consumers, corporations, financial institutions, and, to an increasing extent, governments are taking forward-looking steps to bring slavery to the limelight instead of relying on the reactionary approaches of the past.  New legislation, increasing consumer pressure, transnational goals, and champions in society, like you, are opening the doors to deeper, more systemic change.

We are at the cusp of a transformative era— join us at FREEDOM TRANSFORMS Hong Kong to be moved, to be inspired, but, more importantly, to be driven to be the changemakers of today so freedom belongs to us all!

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On March 2nd, Liberty Asia will celebrate women for who they are and the vast and profound impact they have on our world today- this includes women who are deprived of their freedom and whose hardships & toil often go unnoticed in order to provide for our daily consumption: women in slavery.

Join us for a memorable evening of lively performances, stirring visuals, inspiring speeches and exciting prizes and be part of the change so every person, everywhere is FREE TO BE! 

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FREEDOM INSPIRES HK ~ Anti-Slavery Day Charity Gala

Join Liberty Asia in marking Anti-Slavery Day by being part of our 2nd Annual Charity Gala, FREEDOM INSPIRES Hong Kong on October 17th, 2015!  On this special evening filled with invigorating music & stirring performances, you will remember those in slavery, celebrate the partnerships & milestones achieved, and give back to a systemic approach against slavery.  

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WIRED FOR FREEDOM ~World Day Against Trafficking in Persons Event

We live in a small world, but it is not small enough to stop boys and girls from being put to work for empty promises at crop harvests or factories or prevent men and women broken through labour, which in exchange offers them no fair share in the value of their contributions.

On July 30th, join WIRED FOR FREEDOM and be part of the launch of Freedom Collaborative, the first anti-slavery, multi-service platform for the counter trafficking network! Event details below - very limited space - RSVP today at