To mark Anti-Slavery Day this year, Liberty Asia invites you to FREEDOM TRANSFORMS Hong Kong, an empowering journey where freedom unites us, inspires us, and is now transforming us to go beyond just knowing about the atrocities of slavery to driving the change to put an end to slavery.

In many ways, in the world of anti-trafficking, we are in the dawn of a hopeful new era of transformation where NGOs are no longer the only advocates for change, but everyday consumers, corporations, financial institutions, and, to an increasing extent, governments are taking forward-looking steps to bring slavery to the limelight instead of relying on the reactionary approaches of the past.  New legislation, increasing consumer pressure, transnational goals, and champions in society, like you, are opening the doors to deeper, more systemic change.

We are at the cusp of a transformative era— join us at FREEDOM TRANSFORMS Hong Kong to be moved, to be inspired, but, more importantly, to be driven to be the changemakers of today so freedom belongs to us all!

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