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Liberty Shared’s Victim Case Management System (VCMS) is designed to support frontline NGOs in their work caring for victims of, and populations vulnerable to, human trafficking and modern slavery. Beyond just providing NGOs with enterprise-grade tools and technology to improve their current processes, the VCMS program's core mission is to support the creation and development of a Community that is able to use data prudently and effectively to care for each victim as well as fight global human trafficking.


The VCMS has been designed to be user-friendly and instrumental in victim care, but it has also been designed to facilitate closer collaboration across the anti-human trafficking sector by being a shared case management tool. The VCMS Community is currently made up of over 55 partnership-minded NGOs working together toward standardization and inter-operability of data for the greater good. 

The use of a shared tool allows for stronger partnerships between organisations, facilitating in-system referrals and case sharing, whilst also encouraging community-driven data initiatives to raise best practices of care, record keeping and administration. In addition, as information and data become more available then there is the possibility of improved data for broader analysis. The team at Liberty Global has been privileged to watch this community grow and thrive over the past three years, and welcomes new partners to join us - contact us at now to learn how.

digital case management:

The VCMS provides solutions to some of the most common NGO challenges: access to information, loss of information, and use of information. All too often crucial information is spread across multiple paper forms often in multiple offices, or stored on a custom built databases that can't be maintained, and using this information for service provision insights or organizational management is a grueling or near impossible task. 

With the VCMS, information is collected, entered, and stored in one format, in one place. It's backed up in real time and accessible in multiple locations, including offline and via mobile. Robust, visual reporting can be used for in-depth analysis, informing program design, tracking interactions with clients, and providing information to donors. 

vcms features: 

  1. CLOUD BASED-Housed in established cloud data platform -Salesforce, which can be accessed globally via internet and mobile.

  2. SECURE- The VCMS features state of the art data-security provisions around storage and login– ensuring data is never lost, nor privacy compromised.

  3. OFFLINE/MOBILE CAPACITY-Information can be captured while offline and uploaded when online.

  4. MULTI-LINGUAL-The VCMS is currently available in English, Thai and Khmer - with more languages coming soon.

  5. CUSTOMIZABLE DESIGN-Partners build their case forms via modules and select which service plan forms fit their processes.

  6. MULTIPLE RECORD TYPES-Create records for every person relevant to casework: from Alleged Perpetrators to Victim Family Members.

  7. PRIVATE AND SECURE-While the VCMS is a shared tool, each NGO’s space in the system is highly guarded and not visible to any other partner.

  8. TRAINING AND ONGOING SUPPORT-the VCMS team provides in-depth in-person training as well as prompt ongoing assistance.

  9. COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH-Search across all records in the system easily.

  10. TEAM SECURITY AND ACCESS-Different users in a team can be assigned varying levels of access to data for security purposes- even down to individual fields.

  11. GEO-LOCATIONAL INFORMATION- with Google Maps integration, plot crucial geo-location points on a visual map.

  12. COMMUNITY- participation in a network and opportunities for data-sharing initiatives to have expanded impact across industries and societies.

how we work

We do not collect any frontline data ourselves; instead we work through partnerships with the frontline organizations that do work within communities and are interested in using our products. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the information in the system, we are committed to building strong, long-term relationships with the NGOs we partner with, founded on mutual trust. 

We are also committed to encouraging collaboration between all of our partners, forming a community of like-minded individuals connected by shared technology to come together against trafficking.

The VCMS team provides ongoing support to all of our partners to help them transition to digitalised case management and to ensure a successful, long-term adoption of the VCMS. 

what's next?

With a rapidly growing Community, we continue to connect NGOs together through the VCMS, allowing cases and information to be easily and securely shared, fostering collaboration on the commonalities of their projects, specialization in service provision, de-duplication of cases, and harnessing regional data to advocate for better protections and policies.

We are also committed to breaking down the walls and silos that disconnect crucial frontline data that remains missing from the wider movement against exploitation. The VCMS creates opportunities for NGOs to contribute anonymized data to global databanksin the effort of getting a more robust picture of the scale and scope of human trafficking. 

The VCMS has already amassed 25,000+ cases and is a forerunner in advocating for the  standardization and comparability of data across systems. With each individual partner NGO’s consent, we can remove all personably identifiable information from their data and aggregate it for analysis. 

By using the VCMS, frontline NGOs with limited resources can be involved and contribute to global databanks like the Counter-Trafficking Data Collaborative because Liberty Shared takes care of the harmonization process.