Liberty Shared aims to prevent human trafficking through legal advocacy, technological interventions, and strategic collaborations with NGOs, corporations, and financial institutions globally.


Liberty Shared...

• Facilitates the sharing of information, expertise, data, and best practices with anti-trafficking stakeholders through online platforms;

• Gathers and channels intelligence on slavery to the private sector;

• Champions legal reform and improves the understanding of victim identification, protection, and procedures;

• Builds a stable communications backbone for Asia hotlines to scale up their capacity to support more victims & returnees; and

• Provides slavery education & training to enact change in all sectors of society.


To learn more about our projects, we welcome you to watch the video below, click on the program tabs above or email us at contact@libertyshared.org.



VICTIM CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: a multi-functional, cloud-based victim case management & data collection system that uses Salesforce technology and is tailored for anti-trafficking NGOs across Southeast Asia

OPERATIONAL RESEARCH & ANALYSIS: a strategic approach to information on slavery (human trafficking & forced labour) activities that will trigger actions and/or obligations under contracts, laws and procedures in relation to anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and anti-bribery regulatory requirements

FREEDOM COLLABORATIVE: an online, interactive multi-service platform for the counter-trafficking community, which provides users with a space to read & share relevant news and updates, connect with new partners and service providers, obtain legal support, and access a considerable catalogue of resources and open research tools

LEGAL: a rights-based approach which views human trafficking as a gross violation of human rights and emphasizes the need to restore and protect victims’ rights, disrupt the activities of traffickers using the justice system, and empower key stakeholders & frontline responders through targeted education and training— resources & tools available on Liberty Shared’s Legal Resource Centre

INFORMATION & DATA COLLABORATION: a programme that collects and collates data and information from publicly available sources and that builds cross-sector collaboration with industry and public interest stakeholders to create more effective responses to human trafficking and other forms of exploitation

PROJECT SAFE (linked to Legal approach): a project that focuses on the identification and safe repatriation of children trafficked from Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar to Thailand with targeted intervention areas that will provide greater protection and opportunities for each child and provide legal & practical solutions to diminish the child’s exposure to abuse

TELECOMMUNICATIONS BACKBONE: an IP communication backbone built by inter-connecting frontline NGOs, starting in Southeast Asia, which facilitates NGOs with more advanced call handling options, increases cross-border collaboration among NGOs, and better equips NGOs to respond to the needs of victims and returnees